You Know You're a Mum When…

Missing My Life Before Children

Perhaps a tad over the top, but there are some days when I do feel sad and almost grieve for the life I used to have and the person I used to be before having a child. Continue reading “Missing My Life Before Children”

Experiencing Mother’s Love

Before you arrived Sputnik, I had limited hands-on experience with babies. Although I had spent time with your Aunty and cousin when he was a wee Sprog, I hadn’t been behind the scenes of motherhood. Continue reading “Experiencing Mother’s Love”

Sprog’s 9 Month Milestones

Watching you develop over these past 9 months has been amazing, and here are just some of the monumental milestones I’ve enjoyed. Continue reading “Sprog’s 9 Month Milestones”

Fighting To Get Fit

Since Sprog came along, I’ve just not been able to find the time – and if I’m honest – motivation, to exercise as much as I used to. Continue reading “Fighting To Get Fit”

Twisted Typist Personalised Keyring

What better way to celebrate purchasing our first family home, than treating my husband and I to matching personalised key rings. Continue reading “Twisted Typist Personalised Keyring”

Square Boobs And Cabbage Leaves

Reminiscing with my husband, we took some time to look back on my rather tumultuous breastfeeding journey. At least we can laugh at it now! Continue reading “Square Boobs And Cabbage Leaves”

Hand Print Christmas Baubles

Moving house means a tight belt in our household this Christmas, so our nearest and dearest will receive handmade presents. Continue reading “Hand Print Christmas Baubles”

Side Effects Of Weaning For Mum

There was me thinking weaning meant taking one step closer to getting my old body back. Oh how wrong could I be. Continue reading “Side Effects Of Weaning For Mum”

It’s Not Always Rainbows And Unicorns

At 7 months the little one isn’t quite throwing mega tantrums yet, but here’s a little peak into those trying times as a Mum. Continue reading “It’s Not Always Rainbows And Unicorns”

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