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Missing My Life Before Children

Perhaps a tad over the top, but there are some days when I do feel sad and almost grieve for the life I used to have and the person I used to be before having a child. Continue reading “Missing My Life Before Children”

Sprog’s 9 Month Milestones

Watching you develop over these past 9 months has been amazing, and here are just some of the monumental milestones I’ve enjoyed. Continue reading “Sprog’s 9 Month Milestones”

Square Boobs And Cabbage Leaves

Reminiscing with my husband, we took some time to look back on my rather tumultuous breastfeeding journey. At least we can laugh at it now! Continue reading “Square Boobs And Cabbage Leaves”

Incessant Fear Of Time Running Out

I never EVER used to think about death, or how much time I may have left. It was just something that never crossed my mind, I thought I was invincible. Continue reading “Incessant Fear Of Time Running Out”

Stay At Home Mum

I’m losing mum friends left, right and centre as their maternity leave comes to an end and they go back to work. I have to admit it. It’s lonely and hard being a Stay At Home Mum (SAHM). Continue reading “Stay At Home Mum”

Comfortable In My Own Skin

How has dressing up as a dragon helped me realise the importance of teaching my Sprog to be comfortable in his own skin? Continue reading “Comfortable In My Own Skin”

The Truth About Big Boob Breastfeeding Bras

At 30J underwires are my friend, not horrid mastitis-causing, duct-plugging foes like most websites lead me to believe. Continue reading “The Truth About Big Boob Breastfeeding Bras”

Anxiety Knock Back

From a slight tingly left hand, I’m now convinced I’m having a stroke. Continue reading “Anxiety Knock Back”

Breast and Bottle Feeding

What would be the one thing I would do differently if I had my time again feeding my son?  Continue reading “Breast and Bottle Feeding”

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